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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we will not spend on. for example, we give up assistant librarians or public- relations people. we can live with that. if they are cutting teachers', that is not going to happen. >> budget woes did not dominate the discussion as they gathered for the annual pre-session luncheon. state house republicans rolled up their sleeves to work on issues. how health care reform will impact maryland. the current state of the business climate. the status of the state's unemployment trust fund and the pension liability. >> the budget policies have left a huge hole for the citizens of maryland. the general assembly has not helped the governor accountable. >> republicans and democrats will focus on policy issues. legislators are likely to take up bills strengthening game prosecution. -- gang prosecution. they are going to look at what
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can be used as evidence in the death penalty cases. >> the appetite we have is for jobs and the creation of more jobs. >> this session begins at noon tomorrow. state house leaders have reserved a vip seat on the floor for stephanie rawlings- blake. >> we will have continuing coverage of this year's legislative session. you can follow our store >> it was the sticking point in the mirror's plea deal. she keeps -- in the mayor's plea deal. she gets to keep her pension. >> the folks were freezing but they were fired a up over mayor dixon's pension, something they see as a payoff for someone who is resigning in disgrace. >> you have got to start somewhere.
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she is the top dog. you cannot reward her for stealing public money. >> a cold but vocal group of protesters send a message to baltimore city leaders tuesday afternoon. >> if i stole from my work, they would not give me a pension. >> i resent the idea that this woman is getting all this money when we have people who are hungry and need places to stay. those other people that have been working for the city -- their pensions are minimal. >> there is a deep seated, widespread anger. >> this demonstration is the work of 830-year-old mortgage broker. he started a facebook group called mayor dixon does not deserve and $83,000 pension. by four days later, he had more than 1800 members. >> because of legal troubles, it makes this an obvious waste of public money. >> it will take all of us.
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>> at an event, we tried to ask the mayor about her pension, but she avoided our cameras and questions, just as she did yesterday at city hall. >> i am not going to discuss the pension. >> for some, this was also about justice and holding leaders accountable. >> i am a mother -- of ken harris. i am against her committing crimes and not having a criminal record. how many people could enjoy that? >> for residents to do not feel like standing outside city hall, there are official channels you can go through. you can send a letter to the pension board. or you can do it in person. the pension board will hold its monthly meeting next thursday morning. we put all the details on our web site at --
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>> thank you a new census office is officially open in downtown baltimore. governor martin o'malley was there this morning for the grand opening. along with the new office, 4000 brand new jobs. >> census 2010 means the possibility of a lot of jobs in the state of maryland. statewide, it will hire or around 12,000 people. this is the second census office to open in our area. there is a big crowd to open the baltimore city census office. the message census officials want to get across -- to li >> it affects our lives for the next 10 years. >> with census day coming on april 1, state and local officials were here to stress
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the message -- >> $1,000 in federal investment is how much each of us represented when we are counted. >> if you have a special needs child and you want more money coming to the state from the federal government, fill out the census form. if you have a child in a school lunch program, o or how about a cop -- or how about higher education, fill out this form. talk it up. you don't have that long. 60 days. we can do it. come on! we can do it. this is eriouserious stuff. we are going to be number one. >> the census means jobs in baltimore right now.
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>> we are talking about over 12,000 jobs in the state of maryland that will pay good wages and benefits. and we want people to know about it and to apply to the census bureau. >> if you like more information about those jobs, go to our web site -- click on news links. >> some maryland farmers are getting help from the chesapeake bay. elected officials announced $4 million to help farmers manage their properties to help protect the chesapeake bay. they made the announcement today. the program will help farmers develop water quality, restore wetlands and enhance wildlife. senator ben cardin was on hand this afternoon to announce more than $1 million in recovery funding. it will create 20 new green jobs that will focus on reducing pollution and run off in the chesapeake bay.
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>> ann arundel county police officer is recovering after he was hit by a car in odenton. he answered a call. the suspects jumped in their car and ran down the officer. one suspect was taken into custody. another is on the run. the officer is treated for not life-threatening conditions. >> a west baltimore elementary school was placed on lockdown after a shooting. john sherman joins us live with an update. >> this started before 1:00 this afternoon. police called for a shooting. the scene of that shooting as a round the corner from gilmore elementary school, which was set to dismiss at 2:30. they found one man at suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he may survive.
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they found four men on the run. the suspects barricaded themselves in a nearby home. some parents were frustrated about the flow of information. >> i have been out here since about 2:15, waiting on my granddaughter. i do not know everything. the school has blocked off. i could not get in the playground. what is going on? we are still standing here waiting. there is a lack of communication. i am happy the school is locked out because at least i know my child is safe. that is a good thing. >> just before 5:00, the lockdown was called off. parents were able to pick up their kids and go home. >> stay with us. there is more news ahead, including efforts to get drivers to pay attention behind the wheel. >> text in, talking and tweeting behind the whell.
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the federal government launches a major campaign. >> in owings mnills, where the road to the super bowl involves a slight detour for the schedule of preparations this week. we will tell you why. >> we have chilly temperatures to get through tonight. then at a january thaw. in baltimore, 30 degrees at bwi. winds out of the west. here is what is coming up on the jay leno show. >> sandra bullock on the program. we have jaywalking. our
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>> if you are texting, talking or tweeting, stop. that is the message from a family members of those with been killed by distracted drivers. they are launching the first national campaign to stop distracted driving. >> katie were annulled was a high school sophomore. -- katie was a high school sophomore. her life and did when the distracted teen it ran a red light and slammed into her car. >> she was the oldest of five children and she would have been going to college this year. there are so many things that in her short life we did not get to see happen. >> her father traveled to washington to help launch focus driven, a campaign is dedicated to helping and distracted
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driving. the group will be led by jennifer smith, whose mother died. >> we need to join together to stop this from happening to anyone else we loved. >> ray lahood said the campaign will be modeled after mothers against drunk driving. >> an army of people that will travel the countryside persuading people. >> lawmakers around the country have proposed 200 bills to ban cell phone use while driving. some folks say there is not enough evidence that such laws are effective. >> our experience with highway safety laws is that if laws cannot be enforced over the long run, it will be hard to achieve compliance. >> distracted driving takes lives. >> put the cell phone away and just try purred >> 6 states banned hand-held cell phones. 20 states ban texting. >> baltimore's bid to bring
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world cup soccer is still alive. today the bid committee announced that fedex field and landover and m and t will be included it for the world cup in 2018 or 2020. baltimore, washington and 16 other venues will be included in the bid as it moves for. the world cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. >> now your 11 insta-weather @ forecast with our chief meteorologist. >> as we approach the midway point of january, 2010, we are locked into a cold weather pattern. it is the coldest january we have had since 1994. we were below the monthly average for the first 12 days. six below the normal high of 41 today. halfway to the record high of
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70. halfway. if you start at 0, i suppose. a record high of one set of 70 in 1890. one degree for the record low in 1981. we picked up some flurries and snow showers this morning. that weather system is off the coast. still getting that northwesterly flow. watch the clouds drop in out of canada and into the mountains. it will be called again tonight. tomorrow, we start to see whether in pattern shift that will begin a gradual warming up. temperatures beginning to cool off. below freezing out. eastern sols. and ocean city are way below freezing. -- and eastern salisbury. cloud cover moving in the late tonight. 17-24, with northwest winds at
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5-10 miles per hour. high pressure is pumping in the cold, but it will pass us by. the next alberta clipper will be deflected across the great lakes and new england. instead of delivering another shot of cold there, it will drag in the warm weather we see out west. denver -- 50 degrees right now. a little bit of that western of warmth will head east. look at the way the pattern of reconfigures heading into friday. the cold will be locked into the upper midwest. this will punt in some milder air for the middle atlantic and southern new england thursday and into friday. friday will be the warmest day of the week. frozen floridians. things will try to get back to normal for them at towards the end of the week. when you look at the great
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lakes and the green up there -- that is rain. detroit and cleveland have rain. we may get some rain later in the weekend. tomorrow, 37-42. westerly winds at 6-12 miles per hour. sunrise at 6:25. western maryland have a couple of feet of snow on the ground out there. they will probably get above freezing as we head towards the end of the week. around the chesapeake bay, partly cloudy tomorrow. 40 degrees. a westerly wind coming in at 15-20 miles per hour. also at ocean city. temperatures will hit around 40 degrees. temperatures will decline -- climate to close to 50 degrees on friday. -- climb to 50 degrees on
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friday. partly cloudy and 43 on saturday. it chilly rain it possible on sunday afternoon. it may mix with wet snow before it ends on monday morning. mostly sunny with a high of 45 next tuesday. >> now 11 sports. >> with you from the ravens training facility where preparations are underway for saturday night's showdown in indianapolis. the first challenge is juggling the schedule, because they play saturday night. they have to move all the preparations of a day ahead. tuesday, typically is the players' day off. instead it is a practice day. ravens players are practicing. joe flacco on the practice field but still bothered by that sore hip.
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john harbaugh is saying that joe flacco is healthy for saturday. tight end was at practice, but did not take part in the drill. this is a game of strategy and execution. >> we have had a playoff mind- set for the past month. we get to the super bowl, and i would be extremely happy then. >> playoffs. you have to be ready for anything. this time of year, there is not too much that can hold me out of a playoff game. >> they are well aware of the current streak of indianapolis. they lost their last seven games with the colts. the ravens lost 17, 15 last time.
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they missed a field goal. that means, this week's planned is like last week's plan against the patriots. if the ravens do not beat themselves, it makes it harder for the colts to beat them on saturday night. they could add another one of these to the team's collection. back to the studio. >> that brings us to our question for today. do you think the ravens defense can contain it the colts' offense? text yes or no to 88509. here is a look at how the voting is shaping up. 78% have full confidence in the ravens defense. 22 percent are not so short. we will update you on 11 news
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>> coming up at 11:00, the u.s. supreme court takes up should the most dangerous sex offenders be held in prison after completing their terms? protest of the mayor's pension tonight.
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the city health department reacted to accusation that the baltimore school gave a 5-year- old girl two extra doses of the swine flu vaccine against her pare
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>> temperatures are moderating a little bed. how high temperatures have to go before you call it warm? >> cannot quite get there,
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but... we are going to make all run at 50 towards the end of the month. temperatures a back around 40 tomorrow. 47 on thursday. a little cooler on saturday. the next storm arrives on sunday. rain developing sunday afternoon. right now looks like a chilly rain sunday afternoon. it may mix with wet snow monday morning. the next seven days -- temperatures will fall a little bit -- will thaw. >> that is acceptable. >> nbc nightly news is next. ode to the subway premium big hot pastrami sandwich.
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